Notable Review
Mike R.: "Alan guided us through the paperwork process of the marriage license and even sent it off to be processed for us. No waiting in line at the County Marriage office!"
source: YELP
We issue marriage licenses for weddings that take place in 
California Only
If you would like us to issue you your marriage license.
Please fill the form below out COMPLETELY and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

License Fees
If issued at our Long Beach Office Location, $175.*
If delivered to your location, starts at $250.**
*if we are not performing your ceremony, add $29..
Additional travel fee may apply, depending on your location.


Important!!! 3 main requirements to obtain a marriage license (more here)

1. Valid non-Expired ID. The names on this Application MUST EXACTLY MATCH your ID!!

2. If you were married or divorced in the last 2 years you MUST provide proof of disolution.

3. You must state you live together. We do not ask for proof. (If you do not you can get a public license from the County Clerk)


The Marriage License Notary Team!
Marriage License