Our Great Officiants

These are our most popular packages:

THE GREAT PACKAGE (Included in all packages)

This Traditional Ceremony package incorporates wording from our Wedding Ceremonies Samples  page. This is for Couples who want a simple yet wonderful ceremony experience. Enhance the ceremony by choosing a Ceremony Add-in. Then, you and your Officiant will combine these elements along with any readings or family/cultural traditions you want to include.

Your Great Package includes one In-Person or Skype planning session, and unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

Religious, Non-religious, Spiritual? You decide. It’s your wedding. (For a bilingual on location ceremony, add $25)

Note: These additional options will be paid directly to the Officiant


This is one of our most popular packages for couples who want a more personalized ceremony. Includes the Great Package as shown PLUS a more in-depth design process with your Officiant through a longer In-Person or Skype session, with unlimited telephone and e-mail support. Fill out the relationship questionnaire in advance of your meeting so it can help the officiant combine the ceremony wording you’ve chosen from our samples along with your love story and any readings or add-ins you wish to incorporate. You and your Officiant will work together to design something even more personal than the Great Package. With The Greatest Package, you will have a ceremony that you and your guests will remember fondly due to its uniqueness.


Imagine this… that after an even longer or additional In-Person or Skype planning session than the Greatest Package. Your Officiant starts with a blank page and writes a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box ceremony just for you! This is for couples who really want to convey their essence through their ceremony. In this ceremony your love story; vision for married life; family/cultural traditions; favorite poetry; and/or any of our add-ins, are all mixed together to create the most memorable ceremony experience ever. No one snoozes or can’t wait to get to the party here. This is The Ultimate; a wedding that everyone will be talking about for a very long time.

Choose a  Former Catholic Priest add $300

Choose a Rabbi add $555 or more

Travel Fees are based on the location of the Officiants home.

First 20 miles free. 
21-34 mile Travel Fee $40 
35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $55 
50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $80 
75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $130
Over 100 Call for Quote